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Shariah Compliant Loans

We are to provide Shariah-compliant personal, Business loans and work to raise the your/ business profile in Uganda. So talk to us to gain more with upfront cash price to keep your dreams coming true.

Shariah Compliant Saving Accounts

As an Islamic bank under formation our goal will be to provide a Shariah-compliant savings account based on how you plan your own finance. And we will let you choose from saving accounts options available with us at every convenient branch in Uganda.

Islamic Banking

Kindly take a simple look at our innovative products and services that we are to provide because we are here for you, your company/Business not looking at the scale but by understanding your needs, wants and dreams. All these services we intend to provide are Shariah-compliant and customer friendly depending on your needs.

Who We Are

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to be the leading banking institution in the Great Lakes Region.
Our Mission is to be the model for ethical banking and the bank of choice for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

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